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Established in 1992 we have many years experience in Flow wrapping machines in the UK and worldwide, with many repeat customers. Our success, in large part, has been down to our key ethos, which our Machines are designed around; ‘flexibility, simplicity and durability’. These principles result in a unique machine with minimal maintenance, user friendly controls and quality, long lasting components.
  • Flexibility

  • Simplicity

  • Durability


FlexWrap – Flow Wrapper

A unique and totally flexible method of packaging without the complications associated with conventional flowpack machines, take a look at our FlexWrap.


Petri Dish Flow Wrappers

Leading the way in Petri dish flow wrapping, we are very proud of the robust design which allows our customers to run 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week with little maintenance.


Extra Specifications

Our Flex Wrappers can also be adapted to include extra specifications such as print registration, labeling and printing add ons from third parties. Take a look…

Visit our Norwich Workshop

We can give you a full demonstration of our flow wrappers capabilities in our Norwich workshop. Unable to make the trip? You could always courier a sample of your product(s) to us and we will send them back to you, wrapped, with a DVD demonstration featuring your product(s) and a full information pack. Whatever your situation, we at FDA packaging are here to find you a solution.


“We are currently manufacturing over 15 million plates per annum and have been using the “Flexwrap” system since 2004. Our two machines have proved to be robust, easy to use and reliable. I would recommend them for any fast moving manufacturing production line”
Pharmaceutical Company in Scotland
“For your information the machine is working fine and day by day we learn more about the unit and like it more and more as well. To be honest it’s the best purchase we have ever made during entire history of the company. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s not the last one
A very satisfied customer in Poland!!
“It’s the most flexible wrapping machine we have come across. The operators love using it and in fact we couldn’t manage without it
A very busy baker in Cambridgeshire
“We would be pleased to be mentioned on your site of existing customers. We have been very pleased with the service from FDA and the machine’s performance has been very good considering it is packing such varied products as herbs
Herb producer in North Yorkshire
“It has been a while since we have talked, the machine has been fantastic, a real pleasure to use, it is easy to train staff to use, easy to keep clean and I think most importantly we are not wasting any food on it”
Baker who previously had a flow wrapper
“For us the Flexwrap delivers on every level, it is highly adjustable, reliable, requires only minimal maintenance and produces a wonderfully neat pack! The FDA team have been a pleasure to deal with from the outset
Petri dish producer in Eire
“The Flexwrap machine we purchased June of 2006 is working beautifully. The machine is a great design and built very well. So well in fact, that we would like to purchase at least 2 more
USA customer wrapping petri dishes on edge
“We were actually waiting for a complimentary overwrap machine when they take our existing machine to display at the Science Museum in London!! But as you can see from the enclosed pack the machine has just produced, it is still perfect
FLEXWRAP manufactured in 1995!
“Please can I have a job with FDA – what a change to work on a machine that wasn’t
seized up, it didn’t break on removal of parts, and with a couple of minor Pt100 issues
it was converted and sealing perfectly in no time at all!”
Petri dish producer in Scotland

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  • Quality and Price
  • Great Reputation resulting in many repeat orders
  • Personal Customer Service
  • UK Manufactured
  • Serving the industry for over 20 years
  • The ‘Unique Flexwrap’ Machine

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